June 30, 2010

My new job

Say hello to the new Interpersonal Violence Education Coordinator VISTA at the University of Texas' School of Social Work's Institute of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (IDVSA). Man that is a mouthful.

Last Thursday I had a phone interview with the IDVSA, Friday morning I was offered the position. It's an AmeriCorps position so the pay is what they call a "modest" living wage. It's not much more modest than I've already been living, but at least now I have medical coverage and an awesome opportunity to be a part of the School of Social work.

Everything about this position just feels perfect for me and I really think it was meant to be. It was the last position I applied to, a month after I had already applied to 10 other positions. I had just had my first phone interview and it went awful. I was unprepared, had confused the position with one of the 10 others I had applied to, and after the interview was finished felt a little defeated. Determined to not let myself get down I looked for and new AmeriCorps positions in Texas and came across one for the UT Austin Volunteer & Service Learning Center. The description didn't interest me much, but I applied anyway. The next day the Program Coordinator contacted me and forwarded me some more information about the available positions. My jaw dropped when I read the one for the Interpersonal Violence Education Coordinator. I had recently been looking into UT's School of Social Work and was so excited and impressed to see that they are doing LOTS of research on Human Trafficking. I've been wanted to pursue something in that area but have had a really hard time finding an opportunity where I could pursue it.

This position is perfect for me. And what's even better is they seem to love and and are really impressed and excited about my own experience. I see this position as a great opportunity to connect with the school, find incredible mentors, and have a multitude of opportunities.

I recently revisited the School of Social Works website and the main feature was a story about how the school is one of the first in the nation to blend social work and oncology. You can read more about it here. I'm so impressed and absolutely have to be involved with this in some way. The position is only a year and then after that I will have Texas residency and will qualify for in-state tuition. The women I have been in touch with at the school have already told me that "they don't let good people get away" and that they would be able to help me get an assistantship.

So Adam, Ida and I are still on schedule to move to Austin at the beginning of August. We haven't been able to find a place yet and it's a little difficult without being having the money to be able to visit first. Luckily my AmeriCorps position will be giving me about $500 to relocate so that will be extremely helpful with the moving expenses. Now we just need to find a place!


erterwilliger said...

Congratulations, Leeann! This does sound like a wonderful and apt opportunity for you. I am proud of you for searching out just the right thing. I agree that sometimes what happens is really meant to happen. However, Texas seems far away and I will miss having you in Illinois. Can we get together before you leave?
Grandma Edie

Trash said...

I agree with everything Grandma Edie said. However, I know the real reason you're leaving: to make it harder for me to ice you, and to support victims of icing through AmeriCorps.
Cousin Trashman

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