April 28, 2010


DC was awesome! It was a week filled with site seeing, great people and great opportunities and learning experiences. I think my favorite part of the site seeing was the International Spy Museum. Everyone on the trip seemed to agree that we didn't get enough time to spend in this awesome museum. The last full day was spent on Capitol Hill where we got to meet with our representatives (or in my case, my representative's Aide) to talk to them about childhood cancer survivor issues and legislation that affects childhood cancer survivors.

Since I've been back it feels like it's been non stop for me. Between fighting a cold, increasingly hurting wisdom teeth, crappy weather and Census training this week all I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep. But hopefully the weather will warm up in the next couple of days and make everything feel a little better.

I think Adam and I have decided that we are going to move to Austin, Texas. I've never been to Texas and honestly never put much thought into going to Texas. It's a decision that we have made after very little discussion really. Originally Adam had suggested the idea of going on a road trip to Austin and somehow it turned into us moving there instead. Adam isn't too much a fan of Chicago winters and I can't really say that I am either. We both think it would be nice to have a fresh start somewhere as I think it will give both of us the motivation we need. Also even though I have never been to Austin before, I have honestly never heard a bad thing about it. I started looking at graduate programs at UT and was really excited to find a Social Work program taught by a woman that has done a lot of work on Human Trafficking. They also have an Audiology program, which Adam is interested in. The plan (in my head any way) would be to move to Austin in August so that I could work a for a year and then receive in-state tuition the following year. That's the plan. Not sure how it will all work it's self out but I'm really excited about figure it out and making it happen.


Sarah Stack said...

Wow! What a huge step! Our old neighbor Paul always seemed to have good things to say about Austin, he went to college there.

There is supposedly a great indie community there!

I actually love Texas and would be happy to visit. I'm pretty sure the trip is just as far as Chicago.

Good luck!

Teresa said...

Would you please update this site??? Every time I check it I'm reminded you're moving :-(

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