April 2, 2010

Yay! Census Job!

While listening to Hall and Oates vinyls, drinking tea and writing cover letters I just noticed I missed a call. It was from the Census. A couple months ago I applied for a Census job, took a test and have been waiting to hear from them. Well they want to give me a job which is great because I could really use one right now. 25 hours/week at $18.25/hour sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. And the training is the week after I get back from Washington DC which works out great!

Yesterday I attended my first ever job fair. It was for government jobs, which also sounds like a pretty sweet deal if I could get one. I waiting in lines for 5 hours to talk to people for less than a minute. It's difficult to say if the experience was worth it or if it will give me any sort of edge on a job. But it was nice to wear grown up clothes and get some experience talking to people about my skills and experience. It was also nice to learn about all the different jobs offered even thought to apply to most of them you have to fill out lengthy online applications.

Well I'm off to finish this cover letter for an AmeriCorp job I'm interested in and then I'm going to enjoy some sunshine with Ida.


Sarah Stack said...

I tell you Leeann, Hall & Oates and a cup of tea is a recipe for magic. True magic.



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