February 23, 2010

Welcome Back

I'm taking a break from cleaning an apartment that has been neglected for the past couple weeks. Yesterday I sent off a Thank You care package to Peter and Jodie for giving us an awesome time in New Orleans. I included the card above that I made from these tutorials for the card and envelope.

New Orleans was great! This time I actually got to see New Orleans and not just the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. We got to see lots of parades, which is apparently real Mardi Gras. There are multiple parades every day in different neighborhoods. The streets are packed with families and ladders where their children are propped on top. I was amazed by all the different ladder contraptions that everyone had, most with wheels attached so they could be easily carried to and from the parades. I have some pictures on my flickr but I still need to scan the 35mm roll I took as well.

My birthday is a week away, I'll be 27. I know this is not old, but I'm starting to feel old-er for many reasons:

-I am now obsessed with quilting. I haven't finished my quilt yet but I already have other projects in mind. The next of which must include these fabrics.

-I have a new love for Snail mail and want to get back into actually sending regular mail and packages. If you would like to be included in this you might want to send me your mailing address because I only know a few.

-I will be able to upgrade my phone next month and I'm really, really excited about getting a phone that has NO internet capabilities. I'm trying to get Adam to join my plan so it will be cheaper for the both of us but he keeps threatening to get a land line. I guess he's more old man than I am old woman.

Alright, back to cleaning!


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