February 10, 2010

I love corn

I have a tattoo of an ear of corn on my arm. I get asked all the time "why?". The response I always give is "I like corn". People don't seem to like that explanation. But why would I tattoo something I don't like on me? Growing up in the Midwest I have fond memories of corn, which maybe is hard for people to understand. I have fond memories of going corn picking with my brothers and Grandpa when I was little. I have one distinct memory of going to pick corn and then our Grandpa taking us to Dairy Queen for a treat. This was when there was a Dairy Queen on North Prospect just past the railroad tracks. As we got close to the Dairy Queen, I remember our Grandpa asking us "Railroad crossing, watch out for cars. Can you spell that without any R's?"

The older I get the more I am amazed at how easily entertained children are. Picking corn was so much fun. Also lots of fun? Throwing around packages of toilet paper. I learned this after watching an old home video of me any my brother playing at our old house on Locust. We didn't need fancy toys all we needed was a 4 pack of toilet paper to throw around. I can't believe how much fun we were having.

Anyway, this post is not supposed to be about my childhood. It's about corn. And how I love it. And ultimately it's about how today I made myself some corn chowder soup (courtesy of my Betty Crocker recipe book).


Sarah Stack said...

recipe! recipe! I LOVE corn chowder!

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