December 19, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Just got back from taking Ida to Walnut Creek Park.  She seemed to enjoy it.  She managed to corner a ferret or weasel.  I'm guessing it was a ferret though because it was not afraid of Ida at all and once we got her to leave it alone, it just started following us.  It was a lot of fun but would have been more fun if I could relax with Ida around other dogs.  It's an off leash park with a lot of trails, so for the most part I was fine with her off the leash, but as soon as a big dog would come around the corner I would just get scared that she was going to get into a fight.  But nothing bad happened except for a minute Adam and I thought we were lost and were afraid we were going to get stuck in the park in the dark.

Our neighbors sold us their dog crate (their dog had outgrown it) so now we are trying to crate train her.  Mostly for when we leave anytime that's not for work.  She's used to us leaving for work in the morning so she doesn't do anything.  But any other time we try to leave she freaks out.  She's gotten really used to the crate and seems to prefer to lay in it rather than on the floor.  And now when we leave she knows to go in it, and it's only been maybe the 4th day of training!

In other news (non dog related) Adam and I have been feeling a lot like grown ups lately.  Last week we bought a car.  The weekend before a GIANT flat screen TV.  This weekend we got a cable box and a Roku (thanks to Shaw!).  Our apartment is the most grown up apartment I've ever lived it.

We were both feeling a little bummed about Christmas coming and not being able to see our family, so we went to Wal-mart yesterday and bought a little Christmas tree and some ornaments.  We figured rather than just feel bummed, why not just try to have a little fun.  I'm not sure what we will actually do for Christmas yet, but hopefully something special.  Our friend Tim is coming to visit Wednesday which is going to be great.  I wish I could convince more people to visit, because it sure makes me feel happy when they are here. 

Alright, off to go make a Christmas Tree skirt.  Perhaps there will be a photo update soon.


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