October 1, 2010

Goodbye September

Failed apartment hunting, sick dog, head cold, campus "shooting".  September was the pits.  Luckily it's now October and all I can think about is the changing of the seasons and how much I love Autumn.  But apparently there have been no signs that the leaves will be changing colors anytime soon or the the temperature will be any less than 90.  I miss Illinois fall.

There is a daycare attached to the Social Work building and the window above my desk looks out onto the playground.  It's nice to hear kids laughing and playing, but I'm slowly being driven insane.  In order to get the kids inside, the childcare worker sings a song.  I hear this song at least 5 times a day. Every day. Guaranteed. 

Walking, Walking (sung to Frere Jacque)

Walking, walking
Walking, walking
Yes we are, yes we are
Everybody's walking, everybody's walking
Now we stop, now we stop


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